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Michael “Justified”!

Michael, as Sarno in "Justified."The BUZZ:   Michael plays “Sarno” on the hit TV series “Justified”.  Sarno is a hit man out of Detroit.  Projected Air date is March 27th on FX.

Most Evil Sorcerer Michael Ironside on MSN

The “Haunting Hour Series”, based on R.L. Stine’s books, Michael Ironside plays Margolin  (The Most Evil Sorcerer).  MSN Entertainment Network will air episodes of  “Most Evil Sorcerer”,  Parts One and  Two,  December 24, 2011.

George Stromboulopoulos Interviews Michael Ironside

Tune in to The Hour on CBC in November to catch George Stromboulopoulos‘s in depth interview with

Michael Ironside. The show is scheduled to air November 16, 2011 @ 10 p.m.  Check TV guides to confirm.

The Latest Cinema News

“Transgressions” a new film that has been making the film festival circuit in Europe is set to come out in theaters soon.  Michael plays a wealthy Father and Husband who’s family gets kidnapped and threatened by a gang of hoodlums.

X-Men, First Class opens June 3, 2011

As a last minute studio request Michael Ironside stepped in to do a cameo appearance playing one of the Naval Captains at the Cuban Missile Crisis portion of the film.

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TNA releases AMERICAN NIGHTMARE with Michael Ironside on DVD:

Michael did this picture for his friend, producer Paul Lynch. He hope’s he does well with this release.

TNA proudly presents Katarina’s Nightmare Theater, a new line of horror DVDs hosted by actress, and former WWE and now TNA star, Katarina Leigh Waters, as she introduces a

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