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Been fairly busy of late…

…rushing back and forth between Northern Ontario, Canada where I’ve been shooting the SONY picture, “The Frozen” (working title) and the soundstages of Santa Clarita, California where I’ve been shooting the last three episodes of “Vegas”, Seaon One, which airs on CBS.

The Sony Picture stars Dominic Purcell, best known from the  TV series “Prison Break” and Adam Beach, best known from multiple film roles and the TV series “Artic Air” and is   Directed by Sturla Gunnarsson who’s absolutely wonderful to work with.  In spite of  physically difficult working conditions (- 15 F plus wind chill), Sturla makes showing up on set something I look forward to on a daily basis.

“Vegas” has a great cast with Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis soundly up front and leading the way.  I’ve been having a great time playing a rather ambitious and what some might say “immoral” character named Porter Gainsley who’s a thorn in the side of both the mob and the law.

I wrap off both these projects near the end of March and start filming on a new project in Mid April which I’ll talk more about…once I get started on it.  Unitl next time…Michael






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