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A Quick Head’s Up

In limited theatrical release this weekend and in pay per view markets across the country is a movie that I acted in last year, called “Extraterrestrial”.  I’ve seen the final product and it works quite well!  It’s written and directed by “The Vicious Brothers”, Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz and starring, Brittany Allen in the lead role of “April” who was absolutely wonderful to work with and who I personally believe, is well worth watching right now and in the future.

The story goes down the well worn path of…dysfunctional rebellious teenagers reacting to a parental breakup heading for an unsupervised weekend at the cottage… but instead of the lurking slasher in the root cellar/woods and a burgeoning body count…they walk face first into an alien invasion/infestation.

“The Vicious Brothers” apply pretty much every filmic trick of the genre’ and do it exceedingly well…if not brilliantly. I don’t usually push product but I truly think this’ll be one of those movies that you’ll some day say “yeah I remember one of their first movies” and/or ” Yeah, Brittany Allen, she’s wonderful.  You ever see her in “Extraterrestrial?” Until next time….Michael

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